an award winning film by mark norfolk
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REVIEW: "I have no words for this film. What can I say? For the leading character who delivers an extraordinary performance, bringing two different characters to life simultaneously? Or for the brilliant (literally) direction which presents the bipolar nature of man- the battle between their good and bad side which not necessarily ends with the good side winning. The director brings up the issue of differentiation between people, as well as racism. The injustice of having yourself being undermined to something different than you. Burt suddenly realises all the racism he has been though all of those years and stands up for himself. In conclusion, we have to congratulate Mark Norfolk hoping that he will continue to create such masterpieces to please not only cinema but also theatre audiences, as he is also a playwright and a theatre director.
Sofia Kalaga,
crsbdg1After the amazing success of Crossing Bridges (2006) Prussia Lane Productions' next adventure was a more intimate and incisive exploration of a man's pysche with Ham & The Piper. Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Mark Norfolk the movie explored the intense loving relationship of a couple sworn to each other against the odds in an increasingly complicated society.
crbdg2Shot in London on sumptious Super 16mm in just twelve days, the film premiered at the Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival where it picked up the award for Best Feature Film and not long after picked up an award for Best Film at the Black International Cinema Festival in Berlin. The movie screened in competition at the Gotham Screen International Film Festival in New York and the Cyprus International Film Festival, before screening in Greece at the Peloponnesian International Film Festival where it picked up the award for the SevenArt Best Film and the PIFF Best Actor Awards.
crbdg3British actor Jeffery Kissoon delivers a stunning performance as Burt, a man conflicted by the past and the future. He received the EKO International Film Festival Best Actor Award whilst on tour in the US in the title role of Julius Caesar with the Royal Shakespeare Company. British actress  Jennifer Guy supports as Burt's loving wife, Jean.  
Once again, Prussia Lane has produced a uniquely original independent film. Ham & The Piper is distributed by Striped Entertainment in New York.

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